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REED Academy thanks Matthew Weiss for donating 3 brand new iPads!!

A VOLUNTEER is a person who willingly offers himself for a service or undertaking without being paid.

REED Academy has hundreds of volunteers who over the course of a year donate their time and energy at school or during a fundraising event. REED would not be the special school it is without our volunteers.

A very special volunteer and friend of REED’s is a 13 year old young man, Matthew Weiss. Over the course of the past two years Matthew has visited REED, researched autism, and presented his research to build awareness for autism at his middle school last spring. Recently Matthew celebrated his Bar Mitzvah and for his mitzvah project he raised money and donated 3 iPads to our students at REED. Matthew’s big heart and generosity will enable students at REED to learn leisure and academic skills using the new iPad’s.

REED Academy and the children at REED thank Matthew from the bottom of their hearts!